A case study will be published

Mobile Online Community - Portable Learning Utility Solution MOOCO-PLUS: A Case Study for Assisting Secondary School Field Study will be published on the 2009 International Asian Conference on Education.

MOOCO-PLUS™ support in “Hong Kong Schools Caring Action for 512 Sichuan Earthquake”

MOOCO-PLUS™ has sponsored resources to produce the short film “We Won’t Forget” for the event ‘Hong Kong Schools Caring Action for 512 Sichuan Earthquake’, with acknowledgment to St. Paul's Convent School for providing the campus as the filming site. The event was held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium on May 16 2009. The film CDs have also been delivered to over 300 secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong in order to arouse support and attention to the whole action.

MOOCO-PLUS™ cooperates with Lee Kau Yan Memorial School in Lam Chuen River Excursion

MOOCO-PLUS™ stands for ‘MOOCO Portable Learning Utility Solution’ and is a MOOCO enhanced version built for educational purpose. Latest education policies encourage learning opportunities and experiences to be raised not only within traditional classes but also off the site of classrooms.

Lee Kau Yan Memorial School (LKYMS), established in HKSAR since 1964, has arranged many exciting activities for the students in order to promote their interests and attitude in active learning.

On April 4 2009, the School has organized an excursion trip to Lam Chuen River, which is located in Tai Po, for the F.1 students to analyze the cause of water pollution and recognize the importance of environmental protection.

MOOCO-PLUS™ takes this valuable opportunity to work with the School to allow the students to exploit the features of mobile devices to carry out the assigned activities on an interactive platform between the teaching staff and the students.

They submit answers and photo snapshots to the questions in a freely manner while the teacher can give related comments to their work at anytime and anywhere.

From the activity review, both teachers and students appreciate with MOOCO-PLUS™ as the learning tool and give positive comments.