“Identity no longer Identity, Mobile no longer Mobile.

It is MOOCO, the Mobile Online Community!”

“Buttons are on their way out “yelled by the geek hobbyists.

Perhaps the next next thing is: we shall experiment with homebrew gadget for social networking platform.

With triple digits billions in revenue for mobile operators in China every quarter, the coming 3G world opens new era for all rounded CP/SP despite the choices between TDSCDMA, CDMA 2000 and WCDMA already implies huge difference in P/L among big operators in China.

Net profit for over 100 Millions RMB a day for the mobile operator in China will soon be more robust by second half of 2009.

With the 3G powerful platform, ideas are not merely confined to telecommunications mindsets. It pays way for more intergration with CP/SP in an innovative and integrated way and threatens the monopoly of one single player. Hurdles are not the spilt of revenue. It is the blue ocean of the market and the exponential growth of the usage. This is outcry for more UGC content, DIY hardware and of course the omnipresence of instant message in multimedia context in spite of the often quoted VOD and ITV. Tag line: “Only “Sky “is the ceiling!” resonates again.

In response, this is exactly what MOOCO dedicated to experiment and calibrate ….!
MOOCO projects a “Mobile Online Communications Platform” where user can build, share and profit from it.

Project MOOCO dedicates to experiment the boundaries of the creativity and practicality of the next mobile generation in terms of objective comparison between the attitude of open sources and the practice of confinement among the plausible.

Intended goals are to arouse the interest of shifting the paradigms of what common practice does. And, of course, exploration of much efficient user navigation, customization of target user and untapped potential are the focus. Overall, it tables issues of touch monitor interface, viral marketing and the inevitable mobile 3.0 perhaps.

A glimpse of the future mobile generation

1. Delimiting the capability of storing the captured image and enabling much a wider sharing platform by plugging in with a designated portal to enjoy spontaneity of viral marketing in a much cost efficient way !

2. Tailor made or mass customization content no longer a drawback in the next mobile generation. User can manipulate image with both visual effect and editorial preference. Intended or unintended outcome far exceeds the common practice of mere sharing. “Building an aesthetic tool!” a mandate for the future.

3. Storytelling with images opens new arena for gifted novelist and artist who are dreaming of near –to –live publishing of their works. A powerful tool for die-hard journalist and perhaps “Paparazzi. “ Stunning and eyes catching headlines is the prize for this deployment.

The mobile communication technology is evolving at an incredible speed. The rapid market growth in mobile phones has been a key driving force in electronics industry. With the technology advancement of hardware and software, while manufacturing costs keep being lowered, multi-functional mobile phones and smartphones have been gradually substituting traditional ones, which are merely for voice communication. The mobile phone applications have been expanded into many aspects, like text messaging, media recorder/player, daily organizer and digital entertainment. These smartphones are well adopted and merging with the personal digital assistants (PDAs) in the market.

Our vision is to design new community applications for mobile phones to bring social connectivity and multiplayer entertainment into a new dimension, that is, the user can engage and play with his/her community interactively at any time and everywhere.